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AI powered user verification and content moderation

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Modular solutions

A fully integrated suite of moderation and user verification products

Hassle-Free Content Moderation

Looking for an efficient way to manage user-generated content? Modclub's content moderation tool offers customizable moderation rules and real-time notifications, at a fraction of the cost of in-house moderation.

Integrate with Modclub and discover cost-effective, efficient, customizable, and analytical content moderation services that protect your brand reputation and foster user trust.

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online safety

Eliminate the risks, costs and resource burden of in-housecontent moderation and user verification.

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Reduce your content moderation costs with flexible pricing plans that leverage the power of decentralization, allowing you to pay only for what you use.


Tailor your settings to suit your unique requirements - including your platform rules, training auto-moderation, and setting user verification levels.

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AI filtering moderates large volumes of user-generated content with speed and accuracy.


Powerful analytics allow you to track your moderation performance, gain insights into user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to improve your platform.

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See how Modclub has helped businesses like yours

Modclub content moderation is transparent- the way it should be. Easy to setup, and now it just runs in the background. One word seamless!

First, we collect the relevant information about the content to be verified. Second, we use automated and manual techniques to verify the content, including visual and text analysis.

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Join our satisfied customer community and streamline your content moderation needs with Modclub. Our comprehensive platform offers cost-effective, efficient, and customizable solutions for maintaining content quality and community safety.

With powerful analytics and expert moderation services, you can make data-driven decisions and focus on your product and community. Partner with Modclub today to revolutionize your content moderation experience.

Offload your content moderation and focus on what matters most - your product and community.

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